Preschool teacher and student

Please continue to send your child to school wearing a mask. We will alert you if we have any updates to any of our safety protocols.

The pandemic has affected so many at both personal and professional levels and many businesses have been affected in ways that could not be imagined. Our school, like so many others, has had to shuffle dollars to care for expenses that were not line items just weeks before. While some costs were not incurred as planned, others replaced them. Expenses due to sanitizing and disinfecting, enhanced technology and additional user subscriptions for eLearning, added human resources with new expertise not required previously, more usage space for safe distancing, new health equipment/PPE and isolation space and other costs to make sure our people, processes and environment are safe for staff and students and in observance of local, state and national best practices and regulations.

As we enter this new school year, if you find yourself faced with an unexpected financial impact, please contact Bob Ressler at 214-616-4955 to discuss your financial situation. And, please remember, we are always here to discuss any topic that is important to you and your family.

See latest school communications with regard to protocols.