ABOUT US: Our Mission, History and Values


We strive to provide an educational environment in which the Christian Faith is reflected; intellectual growth of students is nurtured in order for them to reach their academic potential; creative processes are developed and good character and citizenship are taught.  The school endeavors to be inclusive, to attract and support a diverse population and to be affordable.  We encourage students to develop enlightened minds and compassionate spirits.  Essential to that goal are a number of more specific objectives.

Wesley Prep provides a learning environment where:

  • Children are enthusiastic about learning.

  • The school holds high expectations and standards of excellence for students, faculty and staff.

  • A loving and caring Christian environment exists and individual personalities can develop.

  • A setting that is more supportive than competitive.

  • The school maintains the highest academic standards in programs and teaching for each level of instruction.

  • The teaching/learning process is designed for children whose skills are at or above grade level, and who are able to adapt to classroom routines.

  • Appropriate attention is given to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, religious and moral development of children in a balanced program.

  • Children of all creeds, races and ethnic groups work together and learn from each other.

  • Parents are partners with the school in the educational process.


Wesley Prep Mother’s Day Out and Preschool – Six months through Preschool

Wesley Prep Elementary – Kindergarten through Sixth Grade (including Primer)

Wesley Prep is a private school and a ministry of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church offering programs for six months through sixth grade in a traditional school format with nontraditional differences including:

  • A low student-to-teacher ratio

  • Superior developmental programs

  • Experiential and Project-Based Learning

  • "Whole child” approach emphasizes balance, from art and science to sports and technology

  • Affordable tuition


  1. Wesley Prep is an educational environment that reflects Christian Faith.

  2. Intellectual growth is developed, enabling our students to reach their academic potential.

  3. Creative thinking is nurtured, enabling our students to see outside the box.

  4. Character and citizenship are taught, and we embody a diverse population.

  5. Wesley Prep is and will remain affordable.


All of our programs are based on the belief that all children learn when they are confident, safe, nurtured, challenged, motivated and provided with the appropriate tools for learning.

Our Mother’s Day Out Program and Preschool programs are preparatory steps for the elementary program. Teachers in these programs understand the importance of early childhood development and provide all children with an optimal learning environment that is age-appropriate and stimulating.

Kindergarten takes the student to the next level of learning which provides them with both active learning through play as well as the more structured move toward first grade. Students are learning in an environment that is experiential and appropriate. Students explore through their five senses, and in small and large group instruction teachers introduce new concepts that relate to those areas that can be transferred to new learning as they move up.

The appropriate tools for learning involve highly qualified teachers, appropriate curriculum, project-based learning, teamwork, exploration, problem solving, facts and conceptual learning, small classes that allow teachers to know the individual child, appropriate assessment, and continued student progress. These will help develop a well-rounded, compassionate, caring individual. We see the importance of faith and tolerance, acceptance of diversity, leadership, giving, and character as important attributes for the development of any child.

Wesley Prep provides a challenging curriculum with varied learning activities that motivate students to develop a love of learning. We have the great fortune to have many technological tools integrated into the learning experience, but there is no substitute for good teachers and the relationships they develop with students. Knowledge comes alive with the enthusiasm, creativity and orchestration of an excellent teacher. When this occurs, the doors open to allow students to become the best they can be.

Building social and emotional skills are an important part our school experience as they are in life. In these areas, our measure of success is that every Wesley Prep student excels at:

  • being self-aware

  • having self-control of emotions

  • self-monitoring their performance

  • having empathy and perspective

  • having appropriate social skills for handling relationships

We see mistakes as learning opportunities. To learn and grow, we all must tackle the things we find challenging. A mistake can be the best tool to help a student grow. Mistakes allow for critical thinking, reflection, communication and change. This is true both morally and academically.

A key part of our purpose as educators is to help students develop an intrinsic motivation to achieve. We know that when children believe they can achieve, with intelligence (including emotional intelligence), confidence and personal drive they can then be successful. Although children learn at different paces, they all can achieve if given the right academic training and a belief that anything is possible with hard work.

We also believe that there should be a focus on the teachings of faith. The curriculum at Wesley Prep acknowledges the importance of faith, love and charity as a goal.


Wesley Prep, as part of the greater church, is based on the goal of engendering students with enlightened minds and compassionate spirits.

We believe that confident children are capable children, and that is our mantra.


  1. Teachers model love and respect for all children in a nurturing environment, believing each child to be gifted in their own way.

  2. Teachers and curriculum invite a “whole child” approach to education by implementing various instructional strategies to stimulate intellectual, emotional, physical, social and religious growth.

  3. Wesley Prep serves the ministry of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church by reaching community children in need through scholarship programs and by involving the school’s students in community outreach efforts.

  4. The student population consists of children with diverse backgrounds whose families actively embrace the goal of excellence in education.

  5. Wesley Prep is a reasonably priced school holding high standards of excellence for students, faculty and staff.


A ministry of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, the school began in 1968 with a program for Mother’s Day Out, Preschool and Kindergarten. Under the directorship of Linda Altick and with the dedication of a talented and revered staff, the school developed a highly regarded early childhood education program. In recognition and appreciation of the school’s successful ministry and educational impact in the community, the Church’s Administrative Board approved the extension of the school into elementary grades and, in the fall of 1998, the elementary program was launched.

Today, the school’s program develops children from six months through sixth grade and continues to operate with the same pillars that have made it such a remarkable center for child education and development:

  • extraordinary teachers

  • high-level curriculum

  • strategic use of technology

  • small class sizes

  • as a nonprofit entity, the school has remained true to its calling to make top-notch private education affordable