Night at the Museum Portrait

Wesley Prep hosted a reception to celebrate the "unveiling" of the beautiful portraits of last year's Fifth Graders by John Derryberry Photography.  The images are outstanding and are a beautiful way to capture this project!  Thank you to John Derryberry and his staff and thank you to Ms. Herring for her passion and the amazing work she inspires.  Next time you are walking the main hallway at Wesley Prep, please stop and admire these photos - we are so proud of our students! 

The Wesley Prep American History Portrait Gallery represents a two-month research project on a figure out of American History.  Each Fifth-Grade student completes an in-depth research paper.  At the end of the project, an event in their person’s career is selected, a speech is written and performed, and their character comes to life!  Authentic costumes designed and fitted by Ms. Herring with the aid of the student’s knowledge, bring the project to full immersion.  The past and the present collide, transforming the tedious world of research into electrifying theatrical moments which create memories that will last a lifetime.  The “Wax Museum” is presented during an event at Wesley Prep called Night at the Museum.