Recent Colorful Conversations Podcast

Here is one of the most recently edited episodes.  At long last, this is Mia, Liam, Charlie, and Ava interviewing Ms. Sandra Godina and Dr. Michael Horne.  It is a great discussion about equity in healthcare and education.  It is a wonderful conversation!

Our podcast with Eryn Bird, our amazing editor is also available to listen to here:  Eryn is the amazing producer/audio engineer who edits every single episode of Colorful Conversations. Thank you to Eryn for all her hard work!

There are three more episodes in the editing cue, so you will soon hear from Daniel Roby of Austin Street Center and Texas Representative Morgan Meyer.  And recently the students interviewed a recognizable guest, Beto O'Rourke.  He joined us for a Colorful Conversation!  This will be an interview that the entire 4th grade participated in and we were so excited and grateful!  Please take a moment to listen to all of the past conversations and log on in the future to listen to all the upcoming episodes (