Robotics Team Rocket Pandas!

On Saturday, Wesley Prep Sixth Graders participated in this season's First LEGO League robotics competition "RePlay", focusing on how to help people stay active while having fun.

Wesley Prep  had 3 robotic teams competing:  Lady Leaders, Rocket Pandas, All-Star Panthers

This year, the event was virtual with 2 main parts:

  1. Students programmed their robots to complete missions on the robotics tables.  Each team recorded and submitted 3 different robot matches and the referees chose the match with the highest points for each team.  The highest match score for each team was:  Lady Leaders 185, Rocket Pandas 210, All-Star Panthers 230
  2. The second part was a live virtual judging session where students got to present their innovation project and prototype on how to help people stay active while having fun. They also shared with the judges about their robot's attachments, programming, and strategies to solve missions. Teams demonstrated Core Values during the live virtual presentation which was also scored by the judges.

The Rocket Pandas robotics team with Ford, James, Liam, Pablo and Hudson won first place in the Core Values Award.

The Core Values Award recognizes a team that excels across the Inspiration, Teamwork and Gracious Professionalism. This team displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit, knows they can accomplish more together than they could as individuals and shows each other and other teams respect.

The judges input about the Rocket Pandas was:  "The members of this team collaborated together and shared skills for different jobs and roles. They embraced each other's abilities and worked together for success. They were so excited about their QR code game board that they were able to have other teams test it, and they also played it themselves for fun".

We are so proud of all our teams and their work and accomplishments during this season.