Wax Museum

Last Thursday night, Night at the Museum was an impressive event for our third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders! Photo above includes a fifth grade student portraying "Helen Keller" as Wesley Prep Head of School, Meg Fahrenbrook and Admissions Director, Margaret Landis listen and learn!

Our Fifth Graders brought American History to life during Night at the Museum last week! Dressed as important figures from our nation's past, these Panthers presented theatrical performances as Wax Museum characters who came to life! The event was the culmination of a six-week research project which allowed the students to immerse themselves in the lives of their subjects. From artists and performers to political figures, change-makers, and captains of industry, our Fifth Graders brought these figures to vivid life!

Our Fourth Graders staged an electrifying exhibit during Night at the Museum. The projects on display were a culmination of the inquiry-based, hands-on investigations into electricity that they have been conducting for the last few weeks. These young scientists have been researching series and parallel circuits - as well as learning how to build simple switches, troubleshoot incomplete circuits, and differentiate between insulators and conductors.

Our Third Grade classes set up a "Simple Machine Fair" during Night at the Museum last week. These presentations were a fun and interactive way for them to showcase what they have learned this year about simple machines. The students worked in groups and were asked to build a large-scale game that used at least two simple machine types (i.e., the wedge, lever, screw, pulley, wheel and axle, or inclined plane). Visitors to the fair were treated to an evening of fun and learning! We are so proud of these budding engineers!

These projects are great examples of experiential learning - one of the top reasons why Wesley Prep is one of the best private schools in Dallas!

"The amount of eye contact and confidence on display throughout this night is so impressive." - Wesley Prep Fifth Grade Parent