Sixth Grade Lockers

The Sixth Grade year at Wesley Prep is full of many special traditions and milestones. As the leaders of the school, these students are given more responsibility as well as privileges. Decorating their lockers is a "rite of passage" that the Sixth Graders look forward to, since only the Sixth Graders are given this fun opportunity. Their creativity is on display with disco balls, message boards, and cool magnets!

The students view this year as a journey and different symbols are incorporated throughout - culminating with their week-long trip to California. For example, the anchor (featured on each locker) and the compass each have an important meaning for these students during their final year at Wesley Prep. The compass can be a sign of guidance, new direction, and fun adventure. The anchor can be a symbol that keeps you grounded and safe, and no matter where you go, you have a place to return ("once a panther, always a panther").  

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