Primer: Individualized Instruction

The primer class is a transitional year between kindergarten to first grade. Parents of primer students have a variety of reasons for choosing this program for their child. A class size of up to 12 students enables the students to receive highly individualized attention. Typically, with spring or summer birthdays, these children benefit from this transitional year, which gives them an opportunity to further mature and develop a variety of skills to better prepare them for first grade.

Teacher-Directed Lessons and Self-Confidence

A first grade curriculum is taught to the primer class but in a different classroom format from our first grade classroom. The skills that are taught progress at a slower pace, allowing students more exposure time before moving to the next skill level. Students also receive more teacher-directed lessons with less independent learning opportunities to ensure they are developing their skills appropriately. Skills are reinforced through daily journal writing, curriculum workbooks, manipulatives, games, art activities, and videos. The curriculum for primer is theme-based, which allows the children to relate to practical experiences and develop further research. The Primer year enables students to experience successes and build self-confidence.

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