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Sixth Grade: Leadership and Direction

Sixth graders are making the transition to adolescence. They show more self-assertion and curiosity and therefore are given the opportunity to take on more self-directed learning. Typically, sixth graders have a broader range and stronger intensity of emotions. And while there may be more interpersonal issues coming to the surface, we have high expectations for them to lead their fellow students by modeling responsibility, tolerance, and respectfulness. The students view this year as a journey and different symbols are incorporated throughout - culminating with their week-long trip to California. For example, the anchor and the compass each have an important meaning for these students during their final year at Wesley Prep. The compass can be a sign of guidance, new direction, and fun adventure. The anchor can be a symbol that keeps you grounded and safe, and no matter where you go, you have a place to return ("once a panther, always a panther").

Academic Knowledge and Success

Sixth graders are encouraged and expected to take risks and make mistakes. The curriculum is connected to students’ learning styles, interests, and questions. The sixth grade academic environment is designed to foster independent learning; develop organizational, study, and time management techniques; and promote self-advocacy. Sixth graders work on an interesting variety of research projects, such as biographies of world leaders, the Seven Wonders of the World/Ancient World, and ancient cultures. Students create their own project or demonstration based on an ancient group of people, write, and perform a debate in character as the Greek Gods and Goddesses, use literature as a creative tool, and investigate real-world topics. They read and perform monologues of children in a Medieval Village and fully engage in the culture and life of the time period through literature and multi-faceted project-based learning. They use their knowledge of robotics to participate at a high level in the annual First LEGO League robotics competition.

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