fourth grade

Fourth Grade: Challenge Accepted!

Fourth graders are moving towards independence. There is an increased responsibility in their assignments and organizational skills. Students are managing a binder for all subject areas and changing classrooms and changing between two teachers during the day for their core subject areas. We are encouraging a challenge-accepted as they face new concepts, problem-solving opportunities, and a more rigorous curriculum.

Taking the Classroom on the Road: Traveling Through Texas

We round out our year together with an overnight trip to Austin and San Antonio each spring. This is the first of three overnight trips students will take at Wesley Prep, and it is a perfect way to culminate our study of Texas History. We visit the Texas State Capitol, The Bob Bullock Museum, The Alamo, and more. This trip also allows us to see each other in a different light as we bond on the bus, over meals, and in our hotel retreat center.

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