FAQ: Staff

Do your teachers receive ongoing professional development?

Yes. Teachers participate in professional development on a regular basis. Every teacher, from Mother’s Day Out to preschool and above, is required to have 24 hours of professional development each year. This occurs on campus, through our Region 10 Educational Service Center, speakers, curriculum meetings, and various other educational opportunities. Professional development is integral to keeping teachers informed on scientifically based research that relates to learning and it provides teachers with the opportunity to share with other professionals.

What are the qualifications (training, CPR, degreed) of the staff?

  • Preschool/Kindergarten/Elementary teachers are degreed.
  • All school staff has ongoing training each year – a minimum of 24 hours is required for our teachers at all levels, from Mother’s Day Out to preschool and above.
  • All school staff has current CPR & First Aid training.