FAQ: General Information

What ages and grades are included in your program?

Six months to sixth grade.

Where is the school?

We are located at the corner of Inwood Road and Northwest Highway at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church.

What are the hours of school?

What is the youngest child you accept at Wesley Prep?

Our youngest MDO students must be 6 months old (by September 1st) each year.

How many days can a child attend – per age level?

What is your admissions process?

The Executive Director of the school hosts admissions previews/coffees throughout the Fall, and admissions decisions are sent in January. Please see our Tour Schedule for more information.

When does my child have to be toilet trained?

Children need to have toilet mastery to attend Preschool (2-½s and older). For 2-½ year old children who do not have toilet mastery, they may attend our oldest Mother’s Day Out program.

Who provides snacks/lunch for the children?

The school provide snacks and parents provide lunches for Kindergarten and younger. Primer through sixth grade students have the option of pre-ordering lunch each day during the week. Students may order all five days, any combination of days or just once a month. Lunches are catered by Preston Hollow Catering. All lunches are prepared to be peanut and tree nut safe.

How many children are in the school?

Wesley Prep has 448 students enrolled in the school. Approximately half are in MDO and Preschool, and half are Elementary-aged.

Can you please tell me about your Primer program?

Primer is a program we offer for students who would be entering first grade but may need a little extra time to develop either emotionally or academically. If you are interested in this program, please let us know. The decision is best made with both parent and school input.