Physical Education

Fundamental to every student’s development is the ability to become physically fit, develop motor skills, learn sportsmanship, develop appropriate social awareness and behavior, and achieve lifetime physical well-being.

At Wesley Prep, elementary students have P.E. instruction three or five days a week, depending on grade level, with certified physical education instructors as we believe that physical education is an integral part of each student’s day. Preschool students have P.E. instruction one or two days a week, depending on the number of days they attend school.

Our program is designed to motivate students by providing activities that differentiate by skill levels so all students can experience success and develop confidence in themselves. We believe that when children feel good about their physical development and have good self-concept, they will be more inclined to perform better in the classroom and in all other phases of life. An adequate physical education program should include a variety of activities that provide the student with skills and confidence that have a positive lasting effect.

In addition to physical exercise, we believe that healthy habits start early and all elementary students are also encouraged to keep a water bottle on their desks throughout the day for hydration and health.