Guidance & Counseling

School Counseling – The Wesley Prep Program

At Wesley Prep, we believe there are important opportunities along the way to teach our children about more than academics. Creating a strong emotional foundation in our students is key to developing strong leaders and good citizens.

We are proud to have Jennifer Kennedy on our staff. She is a professional school counselor with both learned and practical experience, holding a Masters degree in counseling and a background in teaching of both elementary and preschool children. With Jennifer, we have developed a comprehensive program with four distinct areas of guidance, all appropriate for the child’s developmental level:

  • Classroom Visits: For grades K-6, Jennifer conducts guidance lessons regularly in the classroom that focus on social skills such as decision-making, conflict resolution, and accepting responsibility. These lessons help the children understand and identify emotions like stress and provide them with coping skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Individual and Small Group: Jennifer works with students one-on-one or in small groups to resolve specific situations that affect a child’s ability to be successful at school.
  • Parent Consultation: Parents are encouraged to meet with Jennifer one-on-one any time they have a concern with their child, whether it be academic, social, physical or emotional in nature.
  • Parent/Teacher Consultation: When it is appropriate to have both parents and teachers working together on the needs of an individual child, Jennifer will bring both parties together for a collaborative effort.