Faith Life

Faith and Character Development

Faith and character development are driving forces as we focus on the social and emotional development of children. Our school chaplain, teachers, and administrative staff integrate these healthy qualities into our morning character development, chapel, and our classrooms and model them on a daily basis:

  • Understanding the importance of self-control
  • Recognizing and eliciting trust, help, and praise for others
  • Empathizing with the perspectives of others
  • Choosing our friends wisely
  • Sharing, waiting, and participating in groups
  • Giving and receiving help and criticism
  • Identifying one’s goals
  • Expressing and accurately labeling feelings
  • Employing the art of reflection and thinking in alternative ways to solve problems
  • Considering short- and long-term decisions made and how they will affect oneself or others
  • Practicing how to exercise leadership, accept diversity, and demonstrate desirable attributes such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, compassion, and caring