Computer Lab

This year at Wesley Prep, our students will enjoy a renovated Computer Lab with a redesigned layout.  The curriculum for our Computer Lab classes is based on the technology skills the students need to acquire by the end of each grade to be successful and competitive.

Grades kindergarten through sixth grade will be using the software “Keyboarding Without Tears” which focuses on typing skills, using the right finger position based on home row. Accuracy and speed are the goal, along with good posture. Students will interact with the word processing program Microsoft Word creating informational pages, book and research reports, including images and hyperlinks. Also, students will use the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel to manipulate basic and complex data, arithmetic operations and functions. With Microsoft PowerPoint, students will create presentations and posters using slides to convey information rich in multimedia.

Coding will be part of the curriculum this year too. Lower grades will be introduced to it with a friendly coding language. As they move on, students will use a block-based program to build their coding algorithm.

Appropriate and safe web research practices will be taught and reinforced, along with digital citizenship principles.