Community Outreach

To be In Service to Others is a call we take seriously at Wesley Prep. The history of the Wesleys: John Wesley walking through the London snows, late in his life, knocking on doors and asking for coats for those unable to afford them; Susanna, his mother, instilling in all her children the understanding that with privilege comes responsibility. This is a lesson that lives on at Wesley Prep.

Wesley Prep has many partners in our outreach to the community and because we care about our children, our outreach efforts care for the children of the Dallas community. The Wilkinson Center, one of the largest comprehensive poverty prevention agencies in Dallas, is an old friend in our mission efforts. The Center serves over 34,000 clients each year and half those served are children. We help by stocking their shelves with food items, donating the Cakewalk proceeds in the fall, and even in something as simple as the recycling of our plastic shopping bags.

For Christmas and Easter this year we will partner with Community Partners of Dallas, an organization that serves the abused and neglected children of Dallas. This year Community Partners expects that there will be over 5,000 children in Protective Services during the holidays. This makes for a tough celebration of the season. We will help with their Toy Drive for Christmas and Easter Baskets for Easter. There will be ways you can volunteer, so watch for those opportunities.

Other ways we serve the community throughout the year:

  • CC Young performances for senior citizens
  • Food bank participation at Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Caroling at Christmas at the Church Summer Program

Fourth Grade Outreach Video – Love Does, author Bob Goff