Chapel & Character Development

Praising God and focusing on the world as a whole are important to the overall learning at Wesley Prep.

The school’s youngest learn to sing Jesus Loves Me and are taught that God is there to protect them and love them unconditionally. Preschool students attend chapel twice a month  to listen to a short lesson and give thanks to God by singing and being happy. As the child develops and can commit their attention to longer lessons, chapel attendance increases. All elementary classes begin their school day with a devotional service conducted by our School  Chaplain, Mr. Bruce.

For these students, daily devotionals begin each and every day to get all of us focused on what is important. Included in the devotional is a character trait, i.e., respect, that is brought to life and referenced throughout the week to become part of the behavior of each elementary child. We also say The Pledge of Allegiance (learned in Preschool) because we believe it is important that our children understand that they are part of a bigger world.