Art is an essential part of the curriculum in the lives of students at Wesley Prep. Classroom activities from K-6 are reinforced daily, connecting the visual arts to other academics. Oral communication skills are strengthened during discussions of famous artworks while students begin to build their personal art vocabularies. Students at Wesley Prep are considered to be artists from our youngest to sixth graders, where all artistic efforts are valued as part of the learning process. Children become self-confident in the art studio with a positive learning environment which develops small and large motor development with age-appropriate activities. Students learn to handle various types of media independently and in collaborative groups. Older students or those with artistic confidence mentor those in need with a helping hand and learn to celebrate each others’ successes in the art room.

Our visual arts program enriches the educational experience with not only art production and techniques but art criticism and the aesthetics of all things that are beautiful in our world, utilizing the cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of children in independent and collaborative group projects. Famous artist studies, field trips to local museums and visits with working professional artists allow our upper grades to create work that reinforces their self-esteem and personal pride and ownership.

A discovery-based art program that allows student exploration and choice allows young artists to be the creative problem solvers of tomorrow, creating well-rounded human beings who enjoy new ideas and innovative ways of thinking. A favorite quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes says it best, “A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimension.” Visual arts at Wesley Prep allow us to accomplish this awesome mission with great pride as we create lifelong learners for decades to come!