Community Life

My class is always deliriously happy when it’s Buddy Day. They feel connected to the other teacher as well as feeling like they have a cool older buddy watching out for them….I can’t say enough about it.

—Caroline Alexanderson, Wesley Prep Kindergarten Teacher

One of the attributes of our school of which we are most proud is the sense of belonging and care that families feel as part of our school community. We believe that developing children is a partnership between parents, teachers, development staff, peers and the children themselves. We do all we can to foster these relationships for the short- and long-term benefits of each child in our school.

Safe and Helpful Community

No Bully Zone – We make sure that children feel safe in our school and our “No Bully Zone” reminds children that unkind behavior is not allowed.

Carpool – Fifth grade students lead carpool and lend a hand to the younger ones when arriving at school each day.

Buddy Program – Older students are paired with younger children for a unique teaching and learning situation. For more, read about our Community Life/Buddy Program.

Altar Guild – Fourth grade students have the privilege of preparing the chapel on Friday to make it ready for Sunday morning worship and are excited to be the “keepers” of God’s house.  The guild also is responsible for dressing the altar for school chapels.