Flexible beginnings and flexible endings. A tight-knit system helps us evaluate and address individual needs for transitioning to or from the next grade or school.

Successful Transitions From Beginning to End

Our curriculum and the way we integrate students and families is naturally aligned to make transitions smooth, academically, socially and logistically. We understand and address the different needs for students and families, whether it’s entering our system or moving on to the next grade or school. We like to think of it as flexible beginnings and flexible endings.

For student preparation for the next grade level, our teachers consistently assess student growth and progress by reviewing the Texas Essential Skills (standards of the State of Texas), individual and group assessment of student knowledge through rubrics, quizzes, writing samples, ITBS, Texas Primary Reading Inventory, observations, tests, classroom participation, and parent conferences and communication.

For a program to have quality performance, teachers must begin with the end in mind and focus on what the assessment will be before the teaching begins. What is it they are to learn? What are the activities? How will it be presented? What is the timeline for completion? By using the TEKS (standards), textbooks, scope and sequence, teachers have a “roadmap” of what is important and how and where it is first introduced, taught, and reviewed. Personal lesson planning that is objective-based is another tool used to document a student’s need for remediation or extension.

Parent conferences and communication can alert parents to learning needs or learning concerns that need more intervention and attention. Reviewing a student’s progress with parents can identify elements of a child’s learning that may need more intensive interventions from an outside agency or source. Suggestions can be made for parents to pursue outside testing to ensure that the student does not have a learning deficit that cannot be addressed without a more intensive intervention or approach outside of Wesley Prep.