Teacher Interaction

Our teachers meet regularly with administration to discuss the academic and social emotional needs of students. This process allows a continual review of student growth and progress.

Our goal is to review interventions, classroom instruction, and to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the individual student. The beauty of Wesley Prep’s size is that students are known and discussed by name. Kids just don’t slip through the cracks.

These meetings bring teachers together for discussions on curriculum, resources, professional development, and planning. This team approach keeps everyone focused on the overall goals, not only each grade level but the school as a whole.

Each teacher at Wesley Prep comes with different talents, interests, and ideas. Teacher meetings are a productive way to tap in to these resources. Teachers at Wesley Prep are given lots of freedom to incorporate programs in their room as best suits their teaching style. Not having to fit a certain mold gives teachers, as well as students, the ability to achieve maximum success. Throughout the year, as students’ individual needs and special talents are identified, teachers communicate with each other to share ideas on how best to reinforce these strengths and meet these needs. There is a real spirit of cooperation and acceptance of new ideas amongst teachers.

Wesley Prep elementary teachers meet every other week with core teachers and once a month with core and specials teacher. At the meetings, we discuss programs that can enhance learning for each grade level, we share specific activities that were successful in our classrooms and address special problems or needs of specific students.