Wesley Prep has a strong standards-based curriculum that is based on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). These are the state standards of learning provided by the Texas Education Agency. Teachers review the TEKS and provide the students with a scope and sequence for learning that is meaningful and relevant, providing us with the guidelines for what a student must know to move to the next grade level. Our scope and sequence is a framework for learning.

Formal and informal assessment of student achievement is critical to quality learning. Our teachers use the following:

Rubrics, observation, quizzes, tests, performance, presentations, and individual conferences with students to ensure that learning is on a successful course relative to general school standards.

Students in grades K-6 will be given the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for assessment of growth two to three times a year (K-2 will administer MAP Primary). This is a computer-based assessment that is self-paced and is not a timed instrument. It adapts to a student’s responses as he/she takes the test. If the student answers a question correctly, then the test presents a more challenging item. If the student misses the question, a simpler item is offered. MAP Primary tests reading and mathematics, while the MAP test for 3-6 tests reading, mathematics and language understanding. If you would like more information, please visit a

Formative assessments are given to third through sixth grades. These students take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), which is a standardized test that measures vocabulary, word analysis, reading comprehension, language, and mathematics. Using standardized achievement batteries with students in the primary grades can provide unique information about individual students and classes for use in instructional planning. The ITBS can be a useful supplement to teacher observations about what students are able to do, and they can provide a starting point for monitoring year-to-year student development.

Third and fifth grade students are also given the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). This test is used to measure a student’s ability in reasoning and problem solving by using verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal (spatial) symbols.

Primer, first and second graders take the Texas Primary Reading Inventory. This is an early reading assessment instrument given from kindergarten to second grade by the classroom teacher. The screening section allows teachers to quickly gather information about students’ developing reading concepts. The inventory is designed for all students whose performance on the Screening indicates that reading concepts are still developing. Teachers will be giving this to all their students to acquire more specific information that will help them match reading instruction with the specific needs of students.

We also administer the released Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) as another formative assessment in the upper grades.

Along the way, these standardized tests provide us with valuable information for the development of our students, preparing them for the next level or school in their educational lives.