We offer balanced, stimulating learning programs and are highly attentive to the individualized needs of students. By integrating academic, social and emotional skills, and faith, Wesley Prep students feel worthy, important, and confident as they move through the grade levels and into life.

Whether you’re interested in early childhood or elementary education, here are ten key advantages at Wesley Prep:

  1. A nurturing, supportive learning environment
  2. Small class sizes
  3. Developmental programs suited to how your child learns best
  4. Balanced, whole-child learning
  5. Active, project-based learning
  6. Healthy values
  7. Exceptional teachers
  8. Strong parental involvement
  9. Modern facilities
  10. Affordable tuition

Click on the grade you are interested in to find out more about our curriculum, program hours and class size ratios. And visit the Enrichment section to learn more about how we integrate art, music, field trips, and more to round out your child’s experience at Wesley Prep.