We are excited about the possibilities that our admissions process offers…seeing returning students grow and mature from year-to-year and welcoming new families who bring fresh perspectives and talents to our school community.


Levels/programs offered

Mother’s Day Out 6 months – 35 months age by Sept. 1
Preschool 2-½ years to 4 years 2-1/2s – age by June 1;
3s and 4s – age by Sept. 1
Kindergarten 5 years to 6 years applicant must turn five by Sept. 1
Primer 6 years applicant must have completed Kindergarten
1st through 6th Grades 6 years to 12 years applicant must turn six by Sept. 1

Mother’s Day Out and Preschool

Students are selected for admission to Wesley Prep Mother’s Day Out and Preschool based on available openings after we have completed current family registration. Parents are asked to submit an online application stating why they would like their family to be a part of Wesley Prep and indicating their preference of days and program. Our admissions team reviews the applications, trying to match the needs/wants of families with our available openings. We are looking for families whose educational philosophy aligns with ours and those who want to be a partner with us in their child’s education. We do not require testing as part of our admission process at this level. We have several opportunities for tours and encourage families to visit our school and see the wonderful program we offer for young children.


Students are selected for admission to Wesley Prep for Kindergarten, Primer and First through Sixth Grades based on available openings at the requested grade level and several other criteria which ensure the student will be successful at our school. Our admissions committee reviews the academic capability of each applicant to make sure the student will meet with academic success in our school environment; we try and determine if the family will be a good match with our school and our philosophy; and we require a school visit by the applicant as well as a current teacher evaluation.  Our admissions committee is comprised of elementary teachers, our school counselor and members of our student CARE team.  This committee makes a recommendation to the Executive Director of the School who should be given admission to Wesley Prep. The Executive Director has sole responsibility over who is admitted or offered re-enrollment at Wesley Prep.

Wesley Prep does not discriminate against students of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origins. All persons are encouraged to apply, and some financial assistance is available.

All information gathered during the admission process is confidential and is the property of the school.

For more information about admissions opportunities at Wesley Prep, please email our Admissions Team at