Wesley Prep faculty and staff are dedicated to the children and families of our school. We are very proud of the fact that one third of our staff has been at Wesley Prep for more than ten years.


Linda Altick
Executive Director
Suzanne Broer
Curriculum & Program Development; ISEE Prep
Bruce Hearn
Chaplain & Spiritual Development
Jennifer Kennedy
Bob Ressler
Director of Operations


Teri Bedillion, R.N.
School Nurse
Anita Booker
Welcome Center
Michael Jones
Security Monitor
Margaret Landis
Katie Machaj
Welcome Center
Lynne Mecom
Special Projects
Sharlis Ramm
Business Systems Analyst
Brandon Robertson
Raeann Robertson
Assistant Director of MDO
Mary-Kathryn Stephens
Manager of Finance and Accounting
Sandra Woolever
School Support


Caroline Alexanderson
Kindergarten; Kindergarten Team Lead
Courtney Ball
Sixth Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Elizabeth Bush
Fourth Grade Math & Science; Social Media Coordinator
Lori Cousino
Fourth Grade Language Arts & Social Studies and 3rd-6th Team Lead
Janie Edwards
Maggie Evans
Second Grade
Alycia Harper
Kindergarten Instructional Support
Sue Herring
Fifth Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Melissa Land
Third Grade
Jan LaViolette
First Grade; P-2nd Team Lead
Aimee Madden
Laura McMurray
First Grade
Stacy Perley
Caroline Rhea
Fifth and Sixth Grade Math & Science
Lisa Roberts
Second Grade
Jodi Standard
Third Grade
Debbie Wackel
First Grade Instructional Support


Sonia Girod
Spanish (1st-6th)
Sam Kennedy
Physical Education
Kate Knowles
Art (PreK-6th)
Drew Lott
Physical Education
Shannon Mayes
Jennifer McMillin
Music and Drama (K-6th)
Shea Moss
Student Support (Preschool & Elementary)
Stephanie Petersen
Science Lab (K-3rd), Instructional Support (2nd)
Carmen Poling
Computer (K-6th & Robotics)
Misty Quinn
Music (MDO & Preschool)
Claudia Villegas
Spanish (Kindergarten & Primer)


Ashley Cole
3 Year-Olds
Amy Dodson
2½ Year-Olds
Susan Dunnill
Floater and 4 Year-Old Instructional Support
Lindsey Kirkham
4 Year-Olds
Allison Larrison
4 Year-Olds
Sue Lee
2½ Year-Olds
Cathy Maberry
3 Year-Olds
Cindy McMillin
3 Year-Olds
Ashley Pathos
3 Year-Olds
Brenda Perley
3 Year-Olds
LuAnn Pope
4 Year-Olds and 4 Year-Olds Team Lead
Stephanie Rogers
2½ Year-Olds
Margaret Strother
2½ Year-Olds; 2½ Year-Olds Team Lead
Mary Sean Thornhill
Floater and 2½ and 3 Year-Old Support
Maggie Works-Leary
4 Year-Olds
Sarah Yodh
3 Year-Olds

Mother's Day Out

Courtney Gonzales
2 Year-Olds
Maria Higgs
Toddlers & 2 Year-Olds; Before & After School Care
Susan Lopez
2 Year-Olds
Yuri Luciano
Toddlers & 2 Year-Olds
Lisa Medina
Veronica Rico
Nikki Rivera
Catherine Serrano
Raquel Valencia
Dalila Weigard