After School Programs

Academic and Sports Programs

Wesley Prep also offers several fee-based after school programs for its elementary students. These programs are based on suggestions by the parents and, if sports-related, are usually coordinated with the YMCA seasons. Recent programs which have been offered are: Art Club, Chess Club, Flag Football skills and Basketball skills clinics. Martial Arts, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Etiquette/Manners classes, Home Economics, and other ideas have been suggested and are in the process of research and organization.

These programs give our students additional opportunities and life skills to be learned outside the classroom, as well as help extend the school day for our working parents.

After School Care at Wesley Prep

For our working parents, after school care is provided by a staff member until 5 p.m. This option is available at a cost of $10 per hour and is available for preschool, kindergarten and elementary students. For MDO, advance reservation is required.